Vegas Solitaire Free

Vegas Solitaire Free Windows 8 Game

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Liven up your Solitaire game by betting funny money against a world wise lady dealer in a Las Vegas casino.

Cards cost $1 each, $52 for the deck, and you are paid $5 for each card placed on the foundation stacks in Klondike.

Because this is Vegas and time is money, playable cards wag so that you don’t have to waste time scanning. But if you want to make money you better not stop thinking.

This free version contains the Solitaire game Klondike. Please buy the full version, Vegas Solitaire, for Freecell,Yukon, and undo capability.


  • Casino style scoring
  • Playable cards wag for your attention
  • Top scores screen
  • Auto save/resume
Vegas Solitaire Free, 3.4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings